Thursday, May 26, 2016

California, here we come

General Sherman tree looking up.jpg
When I was a teenager, there was this beautiful magnolia tree in our backyard. It was tall and healthy, with extremely glossy leaves and plump, creamy blossoms. I spent many evenings sitting on the back step and crying my eyes out over some  bit of adolescent angst or the other, but looking at that beautiful tree made me at least a little happy. 

And as I grew up I came to realize I love all trees, but especially big ones. Of course it would make sense then, that J would take me to the biggest tree in our entire world. We spent a few hours just staring at it, and the day was misty so the top of it seemed to disappear entirely, the effect being to make it appear still larger. I was even reminded of a story from my childhood called The Faraway Tree, in which there was a certain magical tree that had at its top, in the clouds, a different magical land each week. 

We also found a very jolly river running just outside our room, with boulders and rapids and little perfect places to sit on. There too we spent a few hours just gawking. Thankfully J is as averse to social media as I am (trust me to find the one other iconoclast in this world), and there was simply no need for anything else. 

But the need to see, and see, and see, is so intense that but naturally tomorrow we are off to a lake named after a Big Bear. Wonders never cease in California, it seems. Just drive out of town, and there you are. I wonder how long I lived here before I lived here. It feels like I was born here, then. 

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Anonymous said...

I love that you just stared at the tree for a couple hours...that's beautiful, and a wonderful way to spend a couple hours.

I don't believe there's a better way to spend life than just looking and seeing...

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