Thursday, June 09, 2016

I wish we had a pool

Image result for bear in LA pool
A black bear decided to visit some local people yesterday. It was a warm-ish day, so naturally, she decided to take a dip in their pool. Then, quite tuckered out, she climbed up the nearest tree and settled down for a snooze. 

I can imagine the state of mind of the humans around her. Pure joy at seeing a wonderful wild beast so close, mixed with pure terror. Thankfully the authorities didn't tranquilize her, just waited for her to climb down once she was refreshed. Which she obligingly did, and then she trotted off into the wilderness. Came dangerously close to the 210 freeway but thankfully didn't actually make it. The best part is, this bear is a repeat offender- she had been previously tagged just two weeks ago making merry in someone else's backyard. Maybe they should just buy her a bathing suit now. It's summer already.

Reminds me of myself when I was a tot. Wandering, snoozing, snooping, coming close to dangerous roads, etc. I weighed quite a bit less than 200 lbs. though, and I hope they never thought of tranquilizing me, heheh. 

Seriously though, I love wild animal sighting stories when they end well. My all-time favorite one has to be the baby seal somewhere in New Zealand who was found napping (upstairs!) on someone's sofa. 

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Anonymous said...

Awesome...loved this! I'm the same, love seeing anything in the wild (we see deer almost every day along with an assortment of smaller animals).

Have you permanently left behind the wandering, snoozing, snooping, etc? Hopefully not...

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