Thursday, June 02, 2016

Television for the reluctant

Having been a reluctant television watcher in my previous home, it is still not surprising that I watch a fair bit here. Streaming content is really the way to go- I find it a torture to sit through even one half-hour show on regular t.v. now. Gah! I'm spoiled forever. 

It's also telling that there are hardly any shows from this country in the list of those I'm watching. Let's see the countries represented: Spain, Scotland, England, Norway, Denmark, Sweden. Hmm. Among these, the Spanish ones have been a revelation. Partly because I can now understand them almost entirely with the aid of an occasional subtitle, but also because it brings to light the old and utterly hopeless infatuation with the country itself. 

There are three shows set in Spain I watch. The first, Velvet, is about the lives of the employees and owners of a grand old store called the Galerias Velvet in 1950s Madrid. It's just so good-looking, the show. They've managed a singularly attractive cast, and then the sets, costumes, and the general classiness of the visuals is a real hook. Not to mention genuinely well-written and stupendously performed characters. 

Then there's Gran Hotel. This one's a bit of a potboiler, in that it moves along so quickly and so much happens in every episode. Murder, blackmail, infidelity, secrets, you name it. But here too it's the visual appeal that's very high, the story being set in the very early 1900s in the eponymous Grand Hotel. And I particularly like the older characters, not only because they speak slowly and clearly and I can understand all, he he he. 

And finally, El Internado. I mean, can you imagine me watching a show set in a boarding school and centered around teenagers, but set in this country? Snort! I think not. But plonk it in Spain, and there you have it, I'm hooked. Moreover, I'm in the embarrassing position of actually missing my beloved Marcos and Paula if I don't watch for more than a few days. Gulp. Now what? 

I'll have to do a detailed review on this show alone. 


Anonymous said...

I want to hear the names of the rest of the shows from Spain, Scotland, England, Norway, Denmark, Sweden.

And hoping you'll provide reviews on such (I've already added Velvet, Gran Hotel and El Internado to the list...will let you know how I like them.

Anonymous said...


had to add the closing parenthesis

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