Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A drinking problem

I love L.A.'s palm trees. Skinny and mop-topped, they look strangely touching when they sway in the breeze with the sun beating down on them, like very thin children trying to stand up to bullies.

But I digress. What I actually want to say is that I miss the palm trees of Bangalore- coconut palms. We had a great one within arm's reach of our third-floor aerie. Very often it would be so full of coconuts that we would hear one or two dropping to earth with a truly impressive thud. In fact J and I had a running quiz going for our "Infrequently Asked Questions" game: How many people die every year due to their skulls being whacked by falling coconuts?

The metal staircase just underneath was a real haven for me at times of stress. Depending on whether I had the roof to  myself (there was a constantly changing set of boys living in the tiny place across from this tree) I would sit here to escape, if only briefly, from the unending chaos outside.

The other great advantage of having coconut palms in such abundance was, obviously, the easy availability of coconut water. (I detest the sight of the packaged ones you get here in the supermarkets and refuse to touch them.) Back in the south of India, the hottest days can be borne when you have a shot of this absolutely marvelous drink, straight from a coconut. No matter how high the temperature of the day, the drink itself stays cool in its shell. And if the coconut is ripe enough, you can eat all that luscious white meat as well.

Now if only someone would come up with a way to make those grow here. Maybe a brilliant scientist can marry the two types of palms. Then we'd have L.A. palms still, but with coconuts!

I may need to submit this idea to the Nobel committee.

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Anonymous said...

I've had exactly the same question...those heavy objects plummeting to earth have got to have their fair share of fatal encounters.

I can't say that I've developed a taste for coconut water, though, and maybe it's because I've yet to have it from a coconut (though I thought I had and since it didn't make an impression I'm going to assume I actually haven't). Though it might actually be that I don't like it...but from your post that would seem to be an impossibility.

I'll avoid the boxed ones (which I don't like at all) and look for the time I can try (retry?) it from the actual coconut.

If it wasn't for the deadly aspect of coconut trees, I definitely think these would be a hit in LA (but just one smashed windshield is enough to snarl traffic for a good hour...it doesn't take much in LA to make this happen).

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