Saturday, July 23, 2016

End of days

Not so long after I had rhapsodized about the sight of the mountains from our balcony and how the evenings turn lyrical when they are clear at twilight, etc., etc., they go and catch fire. Friday evening they glowed brilliant orange, and this time their nearness was unnerving. 

Against the soundtrack of the eerie, unending wails of the fire trucks, the fire burned and burned. By Saturday morning it had devoured thousands of acres. And turned the normally dazzling day dejected and still, with a layer of smoke so thick it rendered the sun into a neon-pink disc, tiny against a violet sky.

By 5pm, it felt like doom was near. Everywhere we drove we spotted people with their cameras trying to capture the alien daylight. The heat was so intense off the sidewalks (we foolishly walked, if only for a bit) that it was hard to breathe. 

Strange to think that in the country of my birth, halfway across the world, it is the opposite season. The monsoons are in full bloom and all is green and plentiful. Here it is the season of wildfire. Not so strange, though, on second thought... I knew I was traveling not just across the world but into a different world when I landed here a year ago. 

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Anonymous said...

There's nothing like a bad fire season in CA, NV, UT, etc...super dry with tons of fuel. I'm not sure there's an equivalent in'll have to tell me.

I've wondered how close that fire was to you...sounds crazy close, should I be worried?

I loved the line, "and this time their nearness was unnerving." Beautiful, for many reasons...

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