Saturday, July 16, 2016

Eternal sunshine of the spotless balconies

California, land of sunshine....where no one knows the pleasure of drying laundry in all the blessed sun. What am I ranting about now, I hear you say? Well, it's like this. Ever since I started living here again, it's more or less a constant state of comparison between how they do things here vs. in the land of my birth. It can be rather exhausting but mostly it's just amusing. Take the clothes drying practices, for instance. 

While I am fully appreciative of technology (dishwasher, I love you) and the joy of uninterrupted electricity, there are times I miss the good ole' days. No one is allowed to dry clothes in the sunshine here. Now I do understand that it's for aesthetic reasons, and how good would that $13.2 million palace look with a queen-size sheet set hanging off the gazebo? Not very, I admit. Back in Bangalore there was a phase when I would walk up to my door and be greeted, just off to the side, by the sight of my loutish neighbor's (red) undies hanging to dry on his window railings. So I am on board with the beauty aspect of the insistence on using dryers instead of good old solar power. 

But the thing is, there is sunshine here ALL YEAR ROUND. All you can see is sunshine in this land of gold. For much of the year, it's blinding. It just seems like a colossal waste to my mind. Not to mention missing the feel of sheets folded just after they've been sun-dried to a snappy, fragrant fluffiness. 

And so for those of us who don't actually live in grand palaces or rambling estates bounded by the ocean, can't we just hang a delicate towel or two on a discreet balcony? 

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Anonymous said...

Loved this...and can't you actually dry your clothes on the balcony, no?

Very classic description of the constant sun in's basically the desert, a milder version of Phoenix. This hits a key issue in LA, people begin to take the consistent sunny weather for's just not a factor in their lives.

I loved the description of sheets that were sun dried...made me what to dry some in the sun just to experience it.

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