Friday, July 15, 2016

Palm trees and happiness

Last night one of J's old friends visited us from out of town. It's the first time I was meeting him, having only heard his name as one of the many from J's old life. We first had some wine and cheese at home, then walked out into the neighborhood and got dinner at this great little pita place around the corner. 

Afterwards, we take the long route home. And come upon a little impromptu concert outside that churro place that has recently brightened the universe. The band consists of two dreadlocked boys with drums and a guitar and an assortment of electronic sound thingummies. So we stand to listen for a while. 

They are playing songs that are heard frequently on the radio, with the vocals issuing from one of the thingummies but the rest of the music being played live. Their version of the songs is like discovering that your hitherto plain neighbor is in fact a stunning beauty when you see her in a certain light...these two are doing something to those pedestrian pop songs that transforms them. Just two boys, playing. Do they know that to me, they seem as skilled and ancient as glassblowers or alchemists?

J and his friend talk and laugh, both being heavily musically-inclined and referencing old shows and bands that they had watched together all those years ago. All of it is Latin to my ears, but as the two of them banter and I catch flashes of J's smile, I eat my churros under my palm tree and I am happy.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful example of love and friendship...and humanity

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