Monday, July 25, 2016

Put another dime in the jukebox

J has always been a storehouse of musical knowledge. In fact back in Bangalore he had quite a fan following of young Indian guys who were desperate to 'rock out' as they put it- an ability they felt they lacked but J had in abundance because he comes from the land of rock and roll itself. But apart from this greatly admired quality, what they actually prized him for was his unending knowledge about any sort of music that they loved, mostly rock but also the genre that defined J himself when he was younger -  punk.
And then there's me. I know nothing. When it comes to music, I can state objectively that I am a big old dud. I used to think Fleetwood Mac was a person, and that Stevie Nicks was a man. Now Madonna, besides George Michael and the inescapable Michael Jackson were big during my high school days so I knew them, and I even had a poster of Madonna in my room; I was that cool. But for me, coolness as a desirable trait to possess very quickly stopped having any allure at all. This happened when I, in an attempt to fit in with the coolsters in my school, went and bought an album by the Scorpions because that was the thing to listen to. Well. One listen, and it was pretty plain that coolness was not for me. I put away that dreadful album and proceeded onward to listen only to music that appealed to me. 

Even today, while it's true that a lot of music appeals to me, it's just that I have no idea who plays it or sings most of it. Strange affliction, this. Going around with the maddening J, who knows the words to every song from every decade, is also quite sobering. 

Still, I'm the one he defers to when it comes to picking stations on the wondrous Pandora. A great compliment to my zero-knowledge, he states that he never thought he'd be with someone who has better musical taste than him. 

Ha. I knew electro-tango and Coke Studio Pakistan would be too much for him. Now only if this were a competition, I would win. 

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Anonymous said...

While I have to admit I was very similar to you in my ignorance around music early on, I've since tried to connect the amazing music from the 80's with the actual/accurate artist and lyrics (which has made for some great comedy as I corrected many previous misconceptions...some very embarrassing ones).

I, too, thought Fleetwood Mac was a person...but was in love with Stevie Nicks for the longest time so I had the gender on that one correct (along with falling for Debbie Harry (Blondie), Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Samantha Fox).

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