Monday, June 27, 2016

Slinky Kitty Stages Stealth Attack

This is a clip I saw a few weeks ago, but it remains as entrancing as it was the first time. 

I like how the guy filming doesn't warn the guy speaking. That tells me the beast is in the habit of stalking him...and then changing his mind at the last minute. Will he do so every time? He certainly doesn't seem particularly amenable to having his nose kissed later. Hmm. And I love the way he subsides on the grass at the end. Probably saying, "hmph! Thwarted again, this skinny git always turns around at the last minute!"

Still, even if he doesn't have evil intentions, he is one hell of a handsome devil. What finesse in his stalking! His name by the way is Kal-El, very fitting since I'm told it was Superman's original name. 

Animals like these are the reason behind my being totally over visiting zoos. Also the elephant seals in Morro Bay whom I met last year quite unexpectedly and since that (wildly delightful) encounter, the only wild animals I want to see are in the wild.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Loved it, sent it to the family

Agreed on seeing animals in the wild...we see deer daily and there's nothing more beautiful than creatures in their element

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