Friday, July 08, 2016

Strawberries and cream

The gentlemen's final is almost upon us. Wimbledon, widely loved for prettiness and prestige, does also manage to consistently offer some real blockbusters when it comes to the men's matches. Take as an example Roger Federer's great magic trick in the quarter-finals against Croat giant Marin Cilic. Despite being coldly outsmarted in the first two sets, FedEx managed to pull it together and began executing some perfectly devilish trickery. Poor Cilic, he almost had it in the bag but choked when he realized the enormity of what he was almost about to pull off. Pity for him. Fedex just decided to buck up and win. 

But then of course today was a sad morning because Mr. Cool Swiss got his clock cleaned by the young gun Milos Raonic. Now here's an intriguing one. Another cool customer with nerves of absolute steel. 

And what of the Murray? He strolled in, cool as you please, and proceeded to wipe the court with the unfortunate Tomas Berdych. So now it's Murray vs. Milos. I am torn, I must confess. On the face of it I would say Murray for the win, but Milos Raonic is being advised by John McEnroe himself. Who can say what bits of genius are contagious? Still, for the sake of uplifting British spirits in the face of the unfortunate Brexit affair even if Murray himself is a Scot, maybe the Gods will see fit to grant him victory.

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Anonymous said...

I don't follow tennis at all but you've almost got me interested.

Here's hoping Rafa's ready for Rio.

Btw, in your post about Rafa pulling out of Roland Garros you said you hurt your hand...remind me how that happened?

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