Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Blues and purples

Skirball Center auditorium
Summertime has been quite a pleasing round of concerts, festivals, beaches and garden parties. Of the concerts, there's one that stands out as memorable. 

Performed in the delightful amphitheater of our local Skirball Center, this was by a group of blues musicians from Alabama, Louisiana and various other states. It's rare for me to watch live blues, regretfully. I hope this changes soon. 

This particular group was made up of a very sassy older bunch, and the moment we saw them walking to the stage, we just knew it was going to be something special. It was that rare magic that happens when you see true talent in a perfect setting. (And I mean perfect! Summer's evening; the jacarandas are still blooming this year and a purple blossom or two would plop down on my head every once in a while.)

The blues has been a longtime favorite genre of music. It's easy to see its appeal: Heartbreak and longing are pretty universal, even if the performing artists have nothing in common with the audience. One of the musicians, who casually announced that he is totally blind, turned out to be the star of the show, although each one had his turn. It was very moving to witness such talent pouring out of the stage, and the sweat, and the laughter and that great electric joy that bound them together with one another and with us. 

The blues will never die. 

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more...Blues and Jazz, we'd be lost without them. Nothing captures the emotions better...

Beautifully written, could picture the flowers as if actually there...

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