Saturday, August 27, 2016

Clothes maketh the woman

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Sometimes it feels like half the women one sees out and about in L.A. are models, actresses, or style bloggers. This is quite a delight, because I like fashion and love observing people and the way they present themselves. (Sorely lacking though are similarly delightful men, but that is a sad and separate topic.) And while I find it ludicrous to totter around in life-threatening heels on the cracked pavements of this city, that doesn't stop me from admiring said heels on someone else.

Also, while this is all very wonderful, I confess I do miss seeing Indian clothes out and about. I can always just design my own Indian-inspired things, I suppose...what fun if I actually had the energy to be a good shopper! While I lived in India I did attempt this. But even on those rare occasions when I did shop for fabric, those diabolical Bangalore tailors would always thwart me: My patterns and ideas were simply too outlandish for them, clearly. The experience ultimately became so stressful that I gave up the very idea of designing my own clothes and submitted to store-bought conformity. Sigh. 

And neither did the good lord see fit to grant me the motor skills to sew my own. What's a girl to do? So I go about in plain t-shirts of various colors with some unmemorable shorts or jeans. (Friend, who himself goes about solely in gray t-shirts and jeans, is going to be delighted to hear this.) One or two occasions per week when I go out to interact with other humans, I try to break out of this Steve Jobs-esque sense of style and actually put together an outfit. 

I wonder if the days of regular going out, human interaction etc. etc., are nearing. I hope my advanced plain t-shirt skills will not get the better of me then.

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Anonymous said...

I'm ticked at the Bangalore tailors who thwarted your efforts to realize your amazing fashion vision!! So curious how that would play out...and can't believe, with the amazingly beautiful colors in India, that anything would be off limits (just more the reason to witness it). And you can buy the fabric and farm out the sewing...nothing should stand in the way of realizing what you're imagining!

And for the record, your t-shirts and jeans are anything but unmemorable.

And who is "Friend"?

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