Monday, August 29, 2016

Cease and desist

There are two pieces of a diverse problem to which I have come up with a solution. 

One, I've been noticing recently how aggressive many of our local drivers are. In fact honking is quite common around here; folks are in a hurry you see, and if you drive sedately you'll be at the receiving end of the honk-version of a severe tongue-lashing. Might even get the finger.

Now this is astonishing. I come from a country that has the dubious honor of having some of the worst traffic in the entire world. So while dense, the traffic here does nothing to faze me. And I still simply cannot understand the entitled, spoiled approach of these road-brats here. 

The second part is: men, in India, who stare at female drivers. Yep, it still happens. There was this one (young, attractive, female) colleague of mine who use to give me a ride everyday. While we were getting out of the office campus, the stares! A woman driving this whacking big SUV, that too with ease! With confidence! Whattay sight! And so went the thinking, clearly. 

So now to the final solution. Aggro-L.A.-drivers are to be sent to Bangalore for a full week of traffic hell. And gaping-Bangalore-boys-who-will-never-grow-up are to be sent to L.A. to witness hundreds, nay, thousands of women driving confidently enough to give them a quick lesson in growing up. (There is still the pestilential Indian habit of ceaseless honking, but that is as yet unsolvable.)

End result? Both parties will return to their home grounds chastened. The former will shut up and the latter will cease to gape. Much happiness will ensue.

Brilliance, I say. The only thing that stumps me is what to call this fantastic exchange program of mine.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm working on a name now...hopefully will come up with something.

Wasn't sure at the beginning where you were going with this (you hit two separate countries right off the bat so I was looking for the tie in)...but you tied it together perfectly in the end.

What % of the LA drivers falling into this category are men? If the majority, then this is really a proposed exchange of sending LA men drivers to India, Indian men pedestrians to LA and seeing how things shake out. This would be the LA/BLR male-driver exchange...

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