Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lilac or lavender?

There was this funny image that went around on social media a while ago. It showed a long strip of colors in the center, like a collection of paint chips, and on either side stood a man and a woman. The man had labeled each grouping of colors: Red. Blue. Green. Pink.

The woman had other ideas. Her side read,' Crimson, scarlet, ruby, apple, brick,lipstick.' Then on the blues, 'sky, navy, azure, peacock, sapphire.' And so it went, in admirable detail down the entire length of the colors.

As if to prove that some things out of the vast ocean of random stuff that float past us everyday on the Internet are indeed true, J complimented me on my manicure today. "Nice blue nails!" he said enthusiastically.

"Thank you" I said, but felt compelled to point out kindly, "they're actually green." Then followed a somewhat pointless debate, at the end of which J conceded that they might have a hint of green -  at certain angles.

It's true indeed. Once when I'd posted a picture of a Thailand beach, rambling on about the fantastical shades of green, one male friend commented timidly, "That's not blue?" adding humbly at the end, "Forgive me, I'm a man."

If only all debates between the sexes were so good-natured.

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