Saturday, September 03, 2016

This trip's for you

J and I began our much-awaited road trip yesterday. Big open roads and the thrill of adventures yet to come. 

There was one friend in particular who lived for this thrill. So of course I kept bringing him up all day yesterday, especially when we saw those big bikes on the road.

Late last night I got the news that he has gone off on the ultimate road trip, without any of us for company. And I feel bereft, but also numb. I don't have the courage to let it sink in yet. My thoughts are with his wife, his mother, all the other friends and colleagues who make up that very special network I was initiated into more than a decade ago. 

Let's hit the road, R. You know I won't complain even if you smoke in the car.


Friend said...

Very sad. My memories of Raj are at your place, giving it to the pseudo-rock kids. I will miss him.

Anonymous said...

So sad, sorry to hear that...condolences to everyone for the loss.

Beautiful post, thanks for sharing...

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