Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Je suis un peu fatigué

Just when one thinks one has understood the Subjunctive, it slips out of one's grasp yet again. This is how I imagine the Queen would lament if she had in fact undertaken the study of the beautiful espanol.

My valiant little class has been tackling the subjunctive for most of this year now. Yet whenever it crops up, fresh problems arise. But...that is, I thought..er, what, erm...when do you...WHAT? And this is how most trains of thoughts go on the subject, for me at least.

Still, I am yet young. I may have a few good years left before my brain degenerates entirely, and within that slim window I might still grasp a few solid basics. I may be framing coherent sentences before I depart this mortal coil,  with just the right flavor of subjunctive. Not too much, not too little, but just right.

What a joy would that be? I will send in my precisely-crafted gems to all newspapers in the land. Let all take note of the sweat and the weight of the years that went behind.


Learning a language is the most exquisite form of torture. I am in the throes of it, and I will miss it when it's done.

There is always francaise, eh? If I thought espanol was dificil....

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Anonymous said...

The Subjunctive topic makes my head ache...but I know you're getting more fluent with every class. Do you get a chance to practice your Spanish in L.A.?

Maybe it's time for a trip down South...to Latin America to try out your well-developed skills. Interested?

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