Friday, April 21, 2017

Monte Carlo diaries II

No pigeons interrupted in the quarterfinal match between R. Nadal and the newbie Argentine Diego Schwartzmann today. (It's the Monte Carlo Masters, and I care because it's the run-up to Roland Garros). Just as well, since Nadal seemed a tad distracted. In fact he began with a hideous first game, practically giving away his service game with clunky unforced errors. Schwartzman promptly gave away his service game next, and I was beginning to wonder what we were in for with this inauspicious start. 

Well things did look up from there. The sprightly Argentine stirred things up a bit, making Rafa look sluggish and out of sorts as the first set went on. Never mind that Rafa is his idol; he kept chipping away until Rafa decided enough was enough and began to take control. The same continued in the second set, and at one point Schwartzmann evened the score to 4-4. Que horror! 

In the end Rafa prevailed. He still does not look particularly dazzling though, to be honest, except for one genius shot in the second set. If he is to defeat the tricky little Belgian David Goffin ( Dav-eed Goff-an, how delightful) he'd better step it up. Goffin took out Djokovic, no less, so there.

And with that stern warning, I shall await tomorrow morning. Since he insists on playing the match at 6:30 a.m. my time, I'll have to content myself with the Google update. So be it. If the results are not to my liking I shall be very displeased indeed, purple shirt notwithstanding.

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