Tuesday, July 09, 2019


Half the year is already over. Owing to a drastic change in circumstances, I very much feared that I would be unable to devote much time to reading at all. But to my delight, the pace has not flagged. I have managed to read a few more books even than at the same time last year. Well, well. This old crow has some good eyesight still left it seems.

As for the books themselves, one other thing about this getting-older thing is that mois is even harder to please. Gah! Thus, only a precious few found themselves nominated to the "Favorites 2019" collection.
Nothing new emerges in terms of trends; even the ratio of fiction to non-fiction remains the same. New authors of note are Irene Nemirovsky, Peter Theroux, Barbara Pym, and Angela Thirkell.
Also I note a slight tendency towards reading about the Middle East, perhaps sparked by Theroux's interesting Sandstorms. Next up is a memoir on expat living in Iran and a journey through Muslim black Africa. (This might provide some much-needed inspiration to restart my own ramblings about my Very Interesting Life in India Seen Through the Eyes of an Expat's Spouse.)


JB said...

Happened to stumble on this blog :) it is pure Gold ! you have got good stuff here. Keep writing. I used to write a lot but now getting back to that mode after a real long break.

DM said...

Thank you for the kind words! I hope you enjoy writing after your long break...

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