Monday, January 06, 2020

Golden Globe Awards

Turns out that one somehow missed the entire lead-up to the first awards show of the season, consequently one only got rather late coverage of the fashions. Who to blame for this? Perhaps intercontinental travel does truly mess with the brain after all, or is this punishment for being so blithe about having escaped jet lag altogether this trip? Alas, these burning questions will remain unanswered. On to my report.

Up in the Interesting category is one Joey King, wearing the ever-reliable Iris Van Herpen. Upon blurring my eyes this almost looks like one of those strange deep-sea creatures on some random Nat Geo documentary that make you go, "I had no idea something like this even exists!" Also, who are the freakishly skilled humans who construct these dresses to hang flawlessly from elegant shoulders by what look like mere filaments? 

The only niggle here: Shoes. Never underestimate the power of a good shoe, Miss King. What are these ankle-strap things? You are not going to work on Tuesday, I might remind her sternly. Sigh. But no one asked my advice, so I shall move on.

Speaking of Dresses which Remind you of Something Else Entirely, this Mary Katrantzou concoction on the right reminds me of a top I once had tailored to my laboriously sketched-out design. Now I should have known it was an ill-fated endeavor- it ended in much gnashing of teeth and the fact is I never once wore the end product- but I was thoroughly convinced at the start. I had a certain bitter hope that the tailor could not fail with such a clear prototype and precise measurements. Alas, I ended up sadder but wiser. Now, seeing Jodie Comer looking quite fetching in this odd-but-successful emerald-green silk, (the exact shade and material of my failed couture) I look back fondly on the wild enthusiasms of my youth. Add the canary parts she is carrying as a purse, plus those hot-pink heels peeking through, and I am won over. 

"Que rico!"the Spaniard in me wants to shout, meaning, what a rich and luscious color! Rachel Brosnahan's pale coloring offsets this utterly delicious dark purple Michael Kors, always among my favorite shades. And the subtle but devilish sparkle! The red lip! And finally, the fringed skirt, which has the bonus of lending added sass when the wearer moves. What fun- yet how polished and elegant. 

Oh, Ana, I knew you wouldn't disappoint! Just look at this girl in this dress! Midnight-blue sparkles, I ask you. Proving once and for all that she is a bonafide movie star, Ana de Armas slays me with old-world glamour courtesy Ralph and Russo, and unpurchase-able, jaw-dropping beauty. 

Also of note were my ladies Cate Blanchett and Charlize Theron, although in the 'interesting but do I like it?' category. La Blanchett was clad in a pleated, pale Mary Katrantzou that turned her into a buttery frilled lizard, one with silver thingummies in the front that added to the confusion. However, beaming with what looked like good humor and a spirit of why-nottery, la Blanchett looked Interesting instead of Kooky Trying to Look Interesting. La Theron, much in the same vein and Dior, rocked a saturated green-and-black caped creation that showed off the perfect oval she calls her face to great effect. (Also, it made me realize that she has a freakishly long neck. Ha.)

With that somewhat rocky beginning, I hope I shall be able to follow along and join in the fashion festivities on time for the rest of the awards shows. Also there is the confusing (new) ATP Cup in tennis to keep track of, egad! How much can one fashion-and-tennis enthusiast keep up with, I ask?

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